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IRIS Analytics at Work with Sports Data

IRIS is our framework for a new breed of high performance mobile-first analytics and narratives. Its unique capabilities can help you conquer your data, media, and user experience challenges.  

Get in touch to explore how Iris components can be integrated into your existing mobile app or used as the foundation for a new product. 


Understanding your team’s journey requires understanding the data. To be an informed fan, it helps to be a bit of a stats geek.


We’re building a new platform to make it easier for every fan to engage more deeply with the teams and sports they love, and redefine how sports stories are told, experienced, and shared.


Basketball first! Get on the

HOOPS! beta list

As sports fans, we want to understand our team's journey. Where are they now? Where have they been? Where are they going?

LEGACY is our platform for delivering innovative apps that transformationally shift the ways sports fans interact with stats, stories, media and each other.


We're building a visual map of every team's journey - from their founding days to today's game. All of the stats, all of the media, all of the stories, unified by a new generation of data-driven narrative and visualization tools.


SPORTS FANS, you deserve better data visualization & exploration tools, interactive storytelling and access to sports history.


TEAMS, you deserve better tools for managing your legacies and empowering your fans to engage with our team's journey - past, present and future.


Legacy's mission is to empower every fan to ENGAGE with their team's journey. 


We've had the privilege of helping transform histories into environmental and digital experiences for great clients like The Warhol Museum and The Red Sox. 


We act as narrative and technology architects, designing the story and visitor pathways, creating applications, and coordinating the process of transforming archives and histories into immersive mobile, web, and environmental experiences. 

Red Sox history transformed into a season ticket holder lounge, museum, and a key part of tours. 

Exploring Andy Warhol’s story, world, and how he connects to 20th Century culture.

Explore an artist’s entire body of work, not just what can be displayed in the gallery.

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