As part of a larger application concept developed for Deutsche Bank, we proposed a novel new scheme for unlocking the value in long-form videos: a rich navigational system that will simultaneously make video more:


Video needs a text injection

Video, as a stand-alone medium, suffers from a major failing: there's no way to quickly skim it and find the segments that most interest us. With text, we can quickly glance over a large amount of content and pick out a segment that we want to read in detail.

Video AND text synthesize to produce a richer and more efficient experience. Our academic friends might call this Semantic Skimming.


Commenting on and sharing clips

In a longer video, you're often interested in specific ideas expressed in specific segments. The Skimmer engine would make any segment inside a larger video accessible for sharing and commenting.


Aligning the event streams

Conferences have become both real and virtual, with social media content providing an entirely new layer interwoven into the overall experience. Skimmer will bring this social media goodness directly into the real-time and post-event experience, aligning Tweets and other artifacts with the event timeline.

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